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Covid-19 Update

UPDATE- Covid-19: Bookings and Re-Scheduling

The Covid-19 Pandemic has turned the world on its head, and cancellations of all types of events are quickly rising. Travel restrictions, supply shortages, quarantines and fears of transmission have all resulted in cancellations, and more are to come.

Restrictions on gatherings of small groups of people in almost every jurisdiction to prevent the spread of the virus will affect your upcoming Wedding or Event, in the other hand we all have to protect ourselves, families and others including our guests and vendors.

Another factor that will come into play is your current income. Every week that goes by without been able to work makes it harder on you to finalize your plans for your Wedding or Event.

As a Photographer I do understand how frustrating this can be, not knowing when this Pandemic will be over makes it even harder to pick a new date. 

What are we doing: 

1-We are taking the appropriate measures so that our clients feel safe with our services. We wear mask and gloves at all times, our equipment is disinfected every time we do a job and we work with a no contact/touch approach.

2-The Photobooth operator starts the session so your guest won't have contact with our equipment.

3-We provide in our Photobooth station a hands free hand sanitizer dispenser.

4-We accept PayPal payments and we deliver your digital files as an email link. You will download the images to your own computer or device.

5-We also offer an optional thumb drive by mail with your files.

6- We started offering a 2 hrs, 3 hr and 4 hr digital photography and photobooth service to accommodate small events.

7-Video services now start at 3 hrs

If you are in need of my services, I am here to assist you. 

For any Specific Questions in our way of working using no contact, including Photo, Video of Photobooth services you can send us a message, we can schedule a ZOOM SESSION to talk one on one.

Stay home and be safe


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